Language: English

Abstract Title Length: max. 25 words

Abstract Body Length: max. 300 words, incl. numbers and symbols, incl. max. 1 table (max 10 columns/10 rows) and 3 images (max 500 KB and max 600(w) x 800(h) pixel)*

Keywords: up to 5 Keywords may be named for your abstract

Submission of an abstract implies that it has been approved by all listed authors and transfer of copyright to the ECTS becomes effective when the abstract has been accepted for presentation.

Original Scientific Material:
The submitted abstract should be original scientific material.

If the research (or substantially similar material) covered in the abstract submitted has been presented as an oral presentation at another international meeting / congress within Europe prior to the time of submitting the abstract to ECTS 2019, the abstract will only be considered for poster presentation, but not for oral presentation at ECTS 2019 in Budapest.

An abstract can be considered for oral presentation if it has already been presented orally at international meetings outside of Europe or at national meetings. Authors are strongly advised to add new data to the abstract.

*Abstracts will be considered for Oral presentation only if they do not include numbers, graphs and/or images.