Biomedica provides internationally recognized, high quality ELISAs which are fully validated for clinical research. For specific markers Biomedica has become a world-wide market leader, e.g. Slerostin, DKK-1, free sRANKL and OPG, with a continuously growing portfolio.

Most assays are CE marked and ready-for-use in IVD. Biomedica uses serum-based calibrators and controls enabling researchers to collect biologically reliable data.

 This year’s highlights: intact FGF23 ELISA, C-terminal FGF23 ELISA, and cancer and bone biomarker ELISAs

 Partners and products: TAmiRNAs osteomiR™ kit, Fianostics’ FluoBolt™ assays.

 Service measurements are available on request.

 Visit us at Biomedica’s booth #12 for details.