The ECTS Academy members are organising special sessions where young researchers will find opportunities to learn and network with experts and other young researchers.


The ECTS Academy represents the most talented PostDoc researchers and clinicians in the musculoskeletal field in Europe and is aimed at strengthening the future of musculoskeletal research by attracting top scientists and assisting them in setting up their research network. 

Working Group  on Animal Models, Friday 10 May

Following the great success of last year, the ECTS Academy Working Group on Animal Models in Bone Research will be targeted to cancer models, transgenic animal models. We encourage all members of the society to attend these working groups as the advice given by the experts is truly invaluable and will help with future experimental design. Please remember to sign to the working groups when you register on the first day, as spaces are limited.

Next Gen Synergy Session, Friday 10 May

With this program, we aim to synergize and establish long lasting collaborations between the next generation investigators of various societies and provide a broad perspective of what is going on in bone research all over the world. New Investigator representatives from different parts of the world will be invited to share recent developments in the bone field in their part of the world. Therefore, if you want to know what is going on in musculoskeletal research worldwide, join the ECTS Academy Session.

Beyond Europe, the ECTS Academy is eager to expand their contacts and engage with other young Investigators around the world. As part of this initiative a program was developed with young investigator representatives of different international societies of musculoskeletal research. The program was launched at ECTS 2018 in Valencia and a specific Next Gen Synergy Session will be organized again in Budapest to facilitate interactions between societies. In this session, young investigator representatives shortly present their society and young investigator activities within the society and the latest musculoskeletal research going on in their country.

NI mentoring session, Sunday 12 May

Maybe you are at a point in your career when you have to make a decision, be it a personal or a professional one. Our mentors are happy to share the pros and cons of the decisions they have made throughout their career. Join the NI mentoring session to explore the options that a career in science may offer.

The ECTS 2018 conference in Valencia is shaping to be an exciting one, we hope to see you there, as enthusiastic as we are!

Charity Event, Sunday 12 May

The ECTS conference is also a place to meet friends and colleagues. So, join us at the Charity event with an informal get together.

NI seminar, Monday 13 May

Nine outstanding abstracts will be selected by the Academy members to be presented among your peers, in a session mostly full of Junior scientists/clinicians. In this way, we provide a more relaxed environment not only for those presenting, but also for asking questions and engage in the debate. We will also provide poster tours to a few selected posters.